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Компания "СБА"

Компания "Система. Бизнес. Автоматизация."
620142, Ekaterinburg, street. Furmanov, 35-81

Phone/fax: + 7 343 2570830
Society with limited liability "System. Business. Automation"


Company "SBA" was founded in 1992. Activity of the company is aimed at the complex approach to automation of trading enterprises, the industries of entertainment and the industry, located in by Uralsk federal district, including Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk, Kurgan, Tyumen areas, Siberia.

Company "SBA" is software developer: Java, C++,C#, MS SQL, MS Visual FoxPro, the Internet of appendices.

In the activity company "SBA" uses the following program decisions:

  • The integrated complex of programs "BASIS" - the decision of business - problems in the field of retail and wholesale trade, in the field of warehouse logistic.
  • System of automation of the enterprises of show business (restaurants, cafe, clubs, fast-food, bowling, the fitnesses - centers).
  • A complex "ZIP" - a control system of mutual relations with clients (CRM).
  • Workplaces of cashiers (POS).

Partners of company "SBA":

  • NCR (USA) - the developer and the manufacturer of hardware-software complexes of automation of trade.
  • METTLER TOLEDO (USA) - the manufacturer of the weight equipment;

Company "SBA" carries out delivery of the equipment, integration of hardware-software complexes, training, round-the-clock service.

Company "SBA" is open for mutually advantageous cooperation with the foreign companies interested:

  • In development for them software products,
  • In localization for the Russian market of software products belonging to them
  • In promotion in the Russian market of hardware-software complexes, production and the services applied in the field of automation of the industry, trade, show business, automatic identification, marks.

In case of your interest in cooperation with company " SBA " we ask to direct letters to the address:

© 2006-2015 "СБА"   Все права защищены.                         620142 г. Екатеринбург, ул. Фурманова 35, оф. 81                       тел./факс: +7(343) 257-08-30
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